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November 25th, 2022
This Startup is Hyper-Personalizing Retail in the Post Pandemic World

Personalization in e-commerce is nothing new. Over the past decade, online retailers have been delivering 1-2-1 experiences to consumers by leveraging users’ demographic data and historical behavioral data. This method drives companies to suggest relevant content that may convert prospects into buyers. Its scope is limited, but it’s a slope that marketers and retailers simply need to explore and conduct trials and errors until real value is delivered.

February 15th, 2023
2023 Companies building the new e-commerce tech stack

E-commerce tech solutions are proliferating for everything from customer analytics to payments to fulfillment. This Market Map looks at the companies helping brands & retailers run the back-end, front-end, and merchandising side of an online business more profitably.

December 8th, 2022
Meet The Netflix of Online Shopping

Companies in the retail sector are persistently investing in advanced business models to catch up with the rapid acceleration of online sales, and ultimately edge out competitors. It’s no longer just about the convenience of delivering items right to your doorstep – the focus now shifts to a hyper-personalized system that provides a flawless experience for both companies and customers. One startup is bridging this gap by making big swings in B2B2C: renovai.

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