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Real-time contextual personalization

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Shop the Room

Full room scenes creating a completely different setting for each shopper around the same anchor product.
As social media merges with online shopping, we find consumers persistently browsing, exploring, sharing, and engaging with different forms of content to fulfill their shopping needs. It’s time to rethink room set visualization.

Scale your merchandising vision with automation and intelligence. With renovai, see how your products will inspire shoppers based on data-driven exquisite contextual product display.

Complete the Look

2D inspirational interactive boards, enhancing product focused display with visually similar and complimentary recommendations.
Upsell and cross-sell products with visually similar and complimentary recommendations, suitable for each shopper personal needs. renovai's product recommendations engine resembles an experienced and well-trained seller in a high-end physical store, who would recommend additional items to style each full space.

“Complete the look" helps customers visualize how they can combine each item with additional purchases, or even with their own current furniture.

Virtual Designer

The first ever AI based designer - creating shopping experiences that convert.
Presenting precise questions in a fun and engaging way to help expose shoppers to the perfect item for them in a professional manner, resulting in a playful products displays that customers can interact with.

A product recommendation quiz is the lowest hanging fruit for e-commerce sites to make more sales. They’re quick and fun for the user, plus they offer tons of value in choosing the right product for their needs. These personalized recommendations help shoppers know exactly which product is right for them.

The Showroom

With our personalized landing page, providing various room types and mix & match furniture possibilities. Combining ML and decades of interior design knowledge to create the ideal room for each shopper.
The pandemic has changed the way customers prefer to shop. To survive in this ever-changing industry, the retail sector has had to evolve to oblige consumer preferences. This transformation is being driven by virtual showrooms, which let brands display products in information-rich, interactive environments. Many brands are already using virtual showrooms to great success. Their innovation has inspired other brands to embrace the technology.

Saves major costs and ensures exposing your customers to your complete product catalog and recommended combinations in just a few clicks.

Point- Of- Purchase

AI powered personalized complimentary offerings, intuitively increasing basket size without cart abandonment risk.
Our AI powered recommendations can be placed in various customer journey locations, based on personal style and previous interactions. We seize the right moments to attract attention, offering frictionless shopping experiences that allow customers to shop their way while building long term customer relationships.

Product Scout

Presenting precise questions in a fun and engaging way, exposing shoppers to the perfect item for them in a professional manner.

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