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Case Studies

See how top retailers fuel their growth with renovai by creating online shopping experiences that drive greater hyper - personalized experiences and enhanced engagement.

More than doubled engagement and increased CVR by 2.7X with renovai's Virtual Designer

As Fernish continues to grow into new markets, the team was looking for a way to replicate the more traditional physical experience of seeing how an item “fits” in a full room to help customers get a better sense of how their items would work in their space.

Mobly increases revenue per session by 55% following renovai’s “Shop the Room” solution implementation

Optimizing contextual visual display to increase engagement with minimal development resources

Increasing revenue per customer by 18% using a combination of renovai’s hyper personalized AI solutions

Transforming the product page into a more engaging shopping experience, presenting the most suitable product and all complementary items for each shopper, driving incremental cross-sells and upsells.

Boosted engagement and increased revenue with renovai’s “Shop the Room” (STR) and “Virtual Designer” (VD) solutions

STR contributed to a 7.9% total revenue increase and shoppers who interacted with VD were 3 times more likely to purchase

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