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Intersecting Styles: Visual Context in Action

January 6th, 2021

Using "Complete the Look" to fit the same item in different settings

Two perfect designs can, and often will, include similar components, proving again and again that quality furniture can be used in many ways, and is only as nice as the scene set around it.
While visual context has been shown to help shoppers make purchasing decisions easier, we make the case that personalized visual context helps make those decisions better.
By sorting and tagging item characteristics and crossing them with specific preferences and taste, each shopper enjoys a fresh and singular look for every item, elegantly arranged in a photo-realistic design, reinforcing (or refuting) their hunch that this is just what they need to get.
Using the following 3 items – a simple white sofa, a patterned carpet, and a flashy gold and green armchair completely different settings come to life.

Classic Vs Boho

A sofa is usually the centerpiece of the living room, the most visible and most practical item one has, therefore it is never easy to choose.
In this Classic/bohemian clash no two items are the same, nor are the textures, lighting schemes or even windows, only the layout- and the sofa. It’s not just color that makes it work well in both an organic and a more refined setting. The sofa’s depth and high armrests make for comfortable sitting for, say, both an older (wealthier) couple and a young yoga instructor who’s also a student, while the canvas blends in with other boho-naturalistic materials like cotton, wicker, and wood without appearing too “earthy” for an upper-scale look.

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Classic Setting

Boho Setting

Industrial Vs Minimalist

Where does a raw, masculine look meet clean lines and soft tones? On a geometric patterned carpet, preferably a-symmetrical. The former could be the home of anyone who’s drawn to the room charisma of iron, leather, and brick (a successful bachelor who works in advertising maybe?).
The latter belongs, perhaps, to an easy going family or a young professional.
The industrial look brings out the pattern of the carpet as a concept, displaying just a few dark lines to match the ceiling and the window bars, with only the light edges of the carpet to soften the look. A minimalist approach could take this carpet and expose its lighter parts with a small, transparent coffee table. With very few nuances and a lot of free space, the room appears to almost float weightlessly. The broad dark stripes, running vertically and horizontally serve as a necessary, cozy center of gravity.

Industrial Setting

Minimal Setting

Eclectic Vs Glam

It is the myriad of textures in this eclectic-styled living room which accommodates the green velvet (or suede) of the humble but dominant armchair. The Neutral tone of its fabric adapts to the cheerful surrounding pallet, but a firm structure counters the playfulness of the tapestry, the mirrors, and the floor.
The same chair seems to fit right in a preppy-glam design, as the golden legs establish its belonging among other conservative choices, like the neutral carpet and the marble floor.
This style is about cohesion, rather than risk- and the armchair having nothing unusual about its shape, draws just the amount of focus it needs, without becoming a focal point.

Eclectic Setting

Glamorous Setting

Our design philosophy is far from “anything goes”, but we do see endless potential in every item. Given the right atmosphere, the last piece you would think to add, could actually be the missing one. As shoppers’ preferences can be rigid, conventional product displays often lead them to overlook or dismiss the best option, narrowing the mind even more.
As we continue to map-out styles, traits and tendencies, we hope to keep more options on the table (or the sofa), expand the boundaries of “personal taste”, and help shoppers imagine and have confidence in their design decisions.

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Amit Chich
Content Manager
Leading renovai's content contributors. He has been a word wizard for over a decade, also writing TV screenplays and sitcom scripts. His passion for innovation is the baseline for creating memorable content and helping companies attract the right audience.

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