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Hyper – Personalizing Personalization

October 13th, 2020

Addressing changing needs to create an unbeatable online interior design experience

It is now clear that COVID- 19 pushed the online realm years ahead in order to cater to changing needs and the “new- normal” expectation. Also, not too soon to say that these changes will last well into the decade.
This monumental shift has been addressed by Mckinsey as “The Quickening” and widely covers the personalization topic.
AI tools play a huge role in providing a perfected hyper -personalized experience however, traditional personalization engines operate on statistical algorithms and data generated by thousands of other shoppers and actually overlook the individuals. Advanced retailers have come to realize that a data driven strategy can only take you so far. Even the most accurate statistics do not cover it all. And It is not just about the margins, getting to know, really know, the shoppers will tremendously improve their online experience and cement brand loyalty in these challenging times.
According to recent surveys, retention (58%) has overtaken conversion (55%) and acquisition (45%) as the key goal for website personalization as 89% of retailers expected to be using AI by the end of next year to preserve their competitive edge.

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Transforming a house to a home with visual commerce

We now spend approximately 90% of our time indoors, almost 70% of which is at home so the need for creating a fitted, pleasant and productive environment has never been greater. Homes must perfectly suit our taste and functional needs to a place that is also a workplace, school and favorite restaurant. The problem is we do not all possess the design skills to bring our imagination to life and the interior design process becomes overwhelming for most of us.

Visual commerce makes the process faster and more intuitive with over 80% putting more importance on visual information than textual information a site provides. A well-known fact states that bespoke imagery is one of the biggest positive influencers on the shopping perception of a site, so the ability to create a one of kind hyper- personalized visual setting is key in winning the hearts of your shoppers.

These examples explain how to create a welcoming and intuitive experience especially when it comes to big purchases, like a bed or a couch, and build around it with the suitable accessories for each individual.

1. Displaying 2D inspiration boards can pull extra weight by enhancing product focused display offering the best targeted assorted products and color pallets. Make sure that the images you feature are clickable to ensure a frustration free shopping experience.

2. 3D scenes are designed and composed to trigger an emotional attachment to the products, promoting them in a very realistic way, complimenting shoppers imagination.

3. Real time space rendering options invite shoppers to customize their space and shop for the most precise items in no time.

Keep in mind that home décor shopping is also a social, emotional, and personal so make sure to invest in all your marketing touch points as well and adapt your multi – channel strategy. The right message delivered in a post can bring them back to your site more purchase-driven that ever.

Leverage state-of-the-art technology available out there, custom next gen AI- models and strive to mimic the work process of a hopeful client with a seasoned designer, translating human interactions to the e-commerce world.

In today’s competitive landscape, treating shoppers like real people is the foundation of good customer experience. people want to engage with brands that make their lives easier and address their personal needs. Emphasizing tailor made solutions makes them trust you and embark on your online journey as if they were entering your brick-and mortar store and drinking your amazing complementary espresso.

Implementing these tips will translate to the building blocks of a delightful intuitive purchase path.

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Andra L. Rubinstein
VP Marketing
Her professional career began as a producer and news editor. She has extensive experience in product marketing, specializing in e-commerce and retail-tech storytelling from leading companies and building global B2C brands. At renovai Andra is responsible for creating brand awareness while driving the strategic GTM for segment growth, serving as the bridge from Marketing to R&D and on to Product Management.

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