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New – Age Remarketing

October 6th, 2020

Re-evaluating re-marketing methods to sustain a long-term relationship

Think about your relationships, the good ones. They require nurturing, care, consideration, an obviously spicing things up occasionally, so they won’t become pointless and taken for granted. When you want to keep your loved ones close you invest in them, you take the time to think what gift they would like, what will make them happy and by accumulating countless acts of kindness you become a meaningful person in their lives.

People change, especially with major events disrupting their routine, so all relationships need to be flexible and evolve accordingly.

Successful brands humanize their interactions and plan their campaigns, so they won’t alienate shoppers that are getting savvier about how they respond and are taking steps to avoid receiving unwanted messaging. Brands need to practice smart remarketing by delivering fresh information to keep the experience from being repetitive as well as work harder to make sure it is also accurate.
A recent HubSpot survey challenges the conception that people hate to see ads – they simply do not want to see irrelevant ads. 77% of the people surveyed reported that they would prefer to use an ad-filtering program than a complete ad-block.

Brands that can find ways to boost the relevance of the ads they present for customers can create a better user experience and engage more people.

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Remarketing can hit a ROI above 130%, which makes it one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. Its main advantages include:

Using advanced product display techniques

Now think about your shopper. No wait, it can also be you. You really need to design your place, so you look around, compare prices, styles, wall art and you add them to your cart. The problem is visualizing it all together, making it come to life in your space.

Each shopper’s previous data is a piece of the puzzle an inspirational image will become. Putting together a photo – realistic setting to be delivered at the right time, through the right channel with the right message will have the desired impact. Adding the visual context to behavioral remarketing can shorten the road to conversion and leave your shoppers with a feeling they are understood and that someone went the extra mile to simplify what could have been a tedious process.

New age remarketing doesn’t necessarily mean a “sale” on your end. Conversion is also subscribing to your list, creating a user profile or following you on social media. This means elevating basic remarketing methods – reaching those who had a previous interest in your site, consequently following them through hyper – personalized campaigns using an advanced product display technique.

Long term remarketing strategies are about nurturing relationships and understanding
the value of brand advocates and life – long satisfied returning customers.

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Andra L. Rubinstein
VP Marketing
Her professional career began as a producer and news editor. She has extensive experience in product marketing, specializing in e-commerce and retail-tech storytelling from leading companies and building global B2C brands. At renovai Andra is responsible for creating brand awareness while driving the strategic GTM for segment growth, serving as the bridge from Marketing to R&D and on to Product Management.

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