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Enhanced Post-Purchase Experiences – Deepen The Customer-Retailer Relationship

October 18th, 2022

The customer experience is the most important aspect of any business. It's not just about the product and it's not just about the service - it's about how the customer feels at every touchpoint, even after the purchase was already made. What can you do post-purchase? Let us explain.

AI powered engines are being used by eCommerce companies to enhance the post purchase experience of their customers. The key focus nowadays is on the product recommendation quiz which helps the customer in narrowing down their choices by asking a series of questions. This helps them find products that they will be interested in and which will also suit their needs. Brands are using AI powered engines to generate personalized product recommendations for their customers, based on the user’s browsing history and search queries. This ensures that they don’t miss out on any opportunities for monetization, even if it means changing up their business model from a traditional ecommerce store to one with a more personalized approach. But all of these touchpoints with the customer are being done pre-purchase, and are targeted at guiding and driving customers to make a purchase. What can be done post-purchase, to ensure client satisfaction and return? We are here to explain.

Product protection, shipping and delivery

Shipping is an important stage of the customer journey. Providing free shipping might help to increase satisfaction and to boost sales. But it’s not all. A product that is being sent to a customer is the face of your business and as such must be dealt with extreme caution and care. Product protection is an important part of running a business and can leave you with peace of mind. Consumers buy products in order to enjoy them. But defects, damages, and theft can ruin the experience. There are two options to consider: insurance or warranty. You will want to consider both the costs and benefits of each option to determine what is right for your business.

Be trustworthy – add testimonials

Ecommerce is a booming industry. It is growing at a rapid pace and is expected to grow to $4 trillion by 2025. There are many ways in which ecommerce websites can build the trust of their customers. One of the most important ways that they can do this is by using testimonials from people who have bought and used their products in the past. The more believable these testimonials are, the better it will be for the company’s reputation. In order to make testimonials more believable, companies should be careful not to overuse them in their marketing and to make sure that they are based on real experiences. Companies should also avoid making false claims about the products they sell.

 AI tools that include email marketing, for example, can generate a more substantive testimonial base by encouraging customers after purchase to share their real life experiences and satisfaction with your products.  This can also help increase your conversion rate.  Leveraging your customers’ experience with a product and also encouraging them to share their real experiences is an effective way to cement trust.

It’s important to always keep up with the latest trends in customer experience (CX). AI tools can make your life much easier and help you provide great service to your customers.

In the past, companies were focused on selling products, but now they are focused on selling the experience of owning that product. This is where value-added services come into play.

3D product display services, for example, are becoming more popular because they allow customers to see what their purchase will look like before they buy it, reducing returns and creating consistency with their own private experience with what they choose to purchase. upgrtading both the pre and post-purchase experiences.

But there are a lot more tools to be used to create touchpoints even after the purchase was done, as mentioned in this article.  And even if the purchase was done, it can still be a challenge to entice people to buy. For example, if someone just purchased your software and doesn’t know how to use it yet, you could offer an educational video about the software that people can watch for free, earning their trust and brand loyalty.

AI in e-commerce can improve the customer experience, find specific added value that is missing through quizzes and DATA mining, suggest new content for existing clients that is related to their past purchases and even help generate client-based content for your website. So it’s about time you’d give it a try, don’t you think?

renovai Team
renovai Team

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