Transforming your ecommerce website into a lean-mean-sales-machine | renovai

Transforming your ecommerce website into a lean-mean-sales-machine

September 14th, 2022

Raising the average order value is one of the main battles of current e-commerce platforms, and in this article we'll go over the keys that will create actual change in your sales.

AI solutions for retail are becoming more and more popular. They provide a lot of benefits to e-commerce platforms, such as conversion rate optimization services through product recommendation quizes, or customer service chatbots. The average order value, though, is one of the main battles for e-commerce platforms, and they do not get forgotten in this AI world of optimization. AI solutions can help almost any platform increase the average order value by providing a personalized shopping experience to customers. Using AI solutions to personalize customer service in order to attract new customers and retain existing ones is not a new concept in e-coomerce, but it truly keeps evolving through time. In this article we will go through this evolving market to find the key for boosting not only customer retention, but also for raising the average order value. Let’s go!

Boosting customer satisfaction through AI

One of the most important things you can do to increase customer satisfaction is ensure that they feel valued. Make sure you take the time both before and after their purchase to include them in any special offers or new products coming out. This can make a big difference on whether or not they choose to come back for more. Make sure they are happy with you. AI-powered customer service solutions, just like renovai’s innovative catalogue and virtual room displays, can help your business achieve this by providing a personalized experience to each customer according to their needs and preferences.

AI-powered customer service solutions can help your business provide a personalized experience to each customer according to their needs and preferences. These AI-powered services will also be able to identify the root of the problem and offer a solution for it, which is something that humans cannot do as efficiently as computers. The perception of customer service is evolving, and technology is a big part of the change, but the most important thing to remember is that your customers are the lifeblood of your business, and they deserve to be treated with respect and deserve to feel valued.

Boosting the value of the customer’s journey

ustomers want to get the best value for their purchase. Free shipping or a warranty can give them peace of mind about their purchase, but value does not simply mean material value. AI can also be used to provide real-time insights about the customer so that you can better understand how they are using your product, and which value they would love to get. By understanding how people use a product, retailers can improve it and allow customers to get the most out of their purchase.

Recommendation engines help retailers understand the interests of their customers and what products they might like. That is the secret to understanding their desired value to get from you. From getting to know their color, texture or style preferences to understanding what specific details they are looking for in any product – these engines help retailers understand their customers betters and provide greater value to them.

Boost your product catalogue

renovai is an AI-powered retail solution that integrates with your ecommerce store. It uses machine learning to help you boost your average order value by suggesting products that customers are likely to want based on their purchase history, specialized style guides and preferences that provide the value to their customer’s journey as discussed in this article.

renovai provides AI-based tools that help retailers increase their conversion rates and customer lifetime value. Tools like the product matching engines, innovative displays and unique suggestions that make the whole shopping experience much more personal. All of these tools make renovai a leader in the field of AI-based CRO solutions for retailers and enables those retailers to optimize their conversion rate and customer lifetime value by providing them with concrete tools.

AI solutions for retail are not just about using AI to get more customers. It’s about using AI to make sure that your customers are spending more, and coming back again and again. If you want to be more successful as a business owner, and bring in new revenue streams – then you need to join us today.

renovai Team
renovai Team

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