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What Is Personalization In E-commerce?

February 15th, 2022

People have come to want and expect a personalized brand experience, and brands who don’t offer that will miss out on sales. Which ones are best suited to your ecommerce business depends on several factors, and the best way to find out is often through experimentation.

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What exactly are personalization tools in the world of e-commerce? It is a fairly simple question but the answer for it is vast and varied, as are the tools themselves. Let’s start at the very beginning: personalization tools are technological means that ensure a smoother and better experience for clients in e-commerce. Think about the storefront experience of a physical store: each client gets noticed and directed through their purchase session personally. This way, the store can make the most out of every purchase and make each client feel seen.

This is the basic principle for e-commerce personalization tools, and it gave way to technological developments that connect to any online store to analyze customer behaviors’ and personally, or rather “personally”, retarget and help each client through a dedicated sales service. We say “personally” – because these basic tools cannot provide a truly unique experience to each client, and instead use the overall sales and trends in each e-commerce store. While these tools do provide results, one must assume that when we go into a truly personal experience – results will rise even more.

Recommending the perfect products for your customers

Understanding customer behavior is only the first step in personalizing their experience, but the customer’s journey does not end there. Taking the next steps requires the ability to not just understand, but also segment the behaviors, analyze their profitability, creating a dedicated profile of each client and providing them with the best fitting products and services.

If we go back to the storefront metaphor, think of the personalization tools as stand-ins for the seller. When a customer comes to a seller in their store, browse the products and ask for direction the seller can employ their own understanding of the customer segment and needs to optimize their suggestions to them, and to provide a dedicated pool of products that are just right. The human factor in this metaphor is the one that guarantees intelligent recommendations, building the perfect sale around the customer. In e-commerce – that’s exactly the role of personalization tools. That’s where renovai comes in.

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Amazing results with renovai’s automated real-time solutions

At renovai, we finally provide an intelligent decision-making algorithm that connects between the unique customer and their perfect fit of products, replacing the human factor and making your sales truly personal. In the world of interior design, the human factor is a huge part of any sales process. The designers’ skills and experience allow them to build the perfect furnishing set for each of their customers’ needs and desires. But skills can be learned, and when it comes to machine learning for personalization tools, there’s no equal to renovai.

We allow customers to receive a designer-like experience online by using AI and machine learning, not only collecting information, and understanding general trends, but creating a dedicated personal catalogue. By combining designer knowledge and shop process, our AI creates a projected room or inspiration board for each individual customer adjusted to their personal preferences, budgets and style. Displaying the products as a designer would have allows brands to boast in their range of design options and helps the client visualize, desire, and purchase the best fitting furniture for their dream room.

Let’s go back to the physical store metaphor and remind ourselves of the effectivity of the “display room”. By showcasing the catalogue of products as a complete set the customer can see them come alive and is more likely to make a purchase. We employ the same principle and optimize the experience per client, creating different display rooms online – personal and hassle-free, and encourage the customer to finalize their own personal order. Personality matters in sales, and the results prove it – with an increase in sales of the top leading brands that work with us.

Use renovai e-commerce personalization tools and upgrade your business

Especially when it comes to interior design, today’s online shopping experience is lacking. Scrolling through endless catalogues of static images, as tidy and organized as they might be, does not convey the atmosphere and functionality of such items because design is all about compatibility and combinations. Not only that, displaying furniture on their own limits the customers from purchasing bigger carts, or the ability you have as a vendor to up-sale.

The good news is that the right personalization tools for you are already out there, and they are waiting to get implemented in your services with the help of renovai. Start exploring real e-commerce personalization and take your business to the next level today.

Let’s build your customers hyper-personalized experience, together.

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