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AI is the game changer in the e-commerce landscape

January 23rd, 2022

Why the decision of using AI for your business can either make it or break it

AI has been a hot topic in the past few years. It has been used in many industries and is always finding new ways to make our lives easier. AI has also found its way into ecommerce and has a huge effect on the entire market. The influence of AI on ecommerce is not just about how marketing messages are created, but also how products are designed, how inventory is managed, and the service level customers are receiving.

Ecommerce is a growing industry that’s constantly evolving. Today, AI is being used to solve some of the most pressing problems in the industry.

Many questions that companies face can be answered by using AI solutions for retail, for example product design, inventory management and other important aspects of running an online store. AI has also been used for marketing purposes in ecommerce. It can be used for customer engagement, such as chatbots and virtual assistants, as well as advertising campaigns through social media channels or email marketing.

The history of AI in ecommerce goes back decades ago when companies first started using it for inventory management and logistics planning. In recent years, AI has become more popular because it provides a personalized experience for customers by product recommendations based on their preferences and browsing history. A current PWC survey found that 86% of decision – makers state that in 2022 AI is a “mainstream technology”; According to a survey by Statista, 70% of eCommerce business owners believe AI will help them to make better decisions about personalization. The report also found that 54% of businesses believe AI will assist with the site searching functionality they can offer, and 52% feel it will be essential to financial forecasting; According to a s and Gartner predicts that by the end of this year, AI will handle 15% of all customer service interactions in the world.

This huge impact on the market is due to the many advantages AI presents for ecommerce, and this article we will cover some.

AI Solutions for Retail – The Personal Touch

AI can be used in retail to provide a personal experience for customers. For example, an AI-powered chatbot can help customers find the perfect service that they are looking for. AI can also be used to design products, such as shoes and clothes. There are already AI programs that are able to scan a photo of a person and create an entire outfit for them. This is where AI design had stepped out and started its true impact on ecommerce.

AI is a powerful tool that can be used to create a personalized experience for the customer. It helps ecommerce websites design their websites to maximize conversion rates. AI and machine learning are also used to identify what products will be the most profitable and how they should be priced, positioned and displayed. on a website.But that’s only the beginning. AI helps ecommerce websites optimize their marketing campaigns and audience targeting. It helps them create events, implement content marketing and leverage chatbots for customer engagement. AI is also used to understand what customers want more of in order to better serve their needs and make the experience of shopping on an ecommerce website more seamless.

renovai, for example, uses artificial intelligence to create personalized displays for ecommerce websites. Our technology utilizes a person’s profile – which is a file containing all the information about the products that person has bought or browsed on the site – to generate customized product and catalogue displays in both 2D and 3D. This is just one impact of AI in the industry, and renovai is using this technology to solve one of the most prominent problems in ecommerce: lack of personalization in product recommendations.

Visual AI – Shopping Experience Impact

Visual AI software allows smart categorization of retailers’ catalogues and optimized displays based on style or texture. This is done by analyzing the images, the style and the texture of the images using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) and AI image processing. .Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are currently analyzing  images in order to detect patterns, extract features, categorize objects and perform other tasks. These systems are now being leveraged to change the way retailers sell their products.

AI technology can be used to make sure that retailers are not wasting time on manual data entry and focus instead on what they are best at – creativity and emotions. renovai’s recommendation engine is a great example, focusing on maximizing the sale probability for each user by extenuating the range of varied products in our customers catalogues. This way the website itself can make important and informed decisions, generating a product recommendation list by each individual user and displaying it visually with the help of our unique style guides. Maximizing not only the sale, but also the service that retailers are able to provide their users in an age of mass information such as our own.

The impact of AI on the industry is constantly growing and expanding. Artificial Intelligence is not just a buzzword anymore but has become an integral part of our lives. The next generation of retail is moving to AI-powered solutions and retailers are leveraging these technologies to provide consumers with personalized shopping experiences. renovai is here to help you make the best of it with your end customers in mind.

renovai Team
renovai Team

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